• Despite being a relative newcomer to the industry, Q wine has deep roots when it comes to New Zealand's viticultural history. In 1863, owner Jules Stephan's direct ancestors the Levet family introduced commercial viticulture to a still-young New Zealand. In the spirit of those pioneering forefathers, Stephan joined with Q wine General Manager Jules Matthews to bring their shared vision of creating Q wine to life in the beautiful Waitaki Valley in North Otago.

    Matthews has always been passionate about great wines, travelling to some of the world's premium wine growing regions and experiencing the best that the fertile earth has to offer. She has always held a strong affinity for distinctive wine brands and New Zealand's burgeoning wine industry, and after learning about the huge variety of old and new world wine styles on offer from a wine lover's perspective she became more and more excited about the idea of getting the inside word.

  • After returning home, she established the Q wine brand in association with investor Stephan. Beginning with the dream of many a wine lover to establish his own vineyard, Stephan's personal quest to create 'perfect pinot noir' resulted in some extraordinary wines that he was compelled to share. Q is a nod to his other endeavours that also begin with the most enigmatic of letters, and is evocative of the vineyard's pursuit of excellence and quality.

    Matthews defines the kind of person that hunts down and appreciates Q wine as "someone who appreciates the unique, who wants to discover a new region and bring affordable luxury into their lives every day."

    Q wine is in a carefully selected cluster of New Zealand's finest restaurants, and offered for retail in several locations around the country and soon, internationally. For the bright new vineyard, this is only the beginning.