• Waitaki Valley, located in the South Island is the boundary between Canterbury and North Otago. It is an area of stunning valleys formed by braided rivers and glacial lakes. It is a beautiful, remote region that has been described as having one of the most viticulturally significant soils in New Zealand, as well as one of the most extreme climates.

    The cool climate with warm summers and long, usually dry autumn seasons gives us a longer growing season. With the addition of limestone rich soils an overlay of alluvial silts the region produces wine with a distinctive minerality and complexity of fruit flavours.

    The home of many artisanal growers, the location produces wines that elegantly express its terroir, and Q Wine continues this boutique, individual approach by hand harvesting all of its grapes and crafting each vintage with the utmost attention to detail.

  • The vineyard's first grapes were planted in 2005 with a first vintage released in 2010. The vines are densely planted with low yields to produce exceptional wines with a truly distinct flavour profile.

    Managed with a commitment to sustainable viticulture there is a focus on traditional techniques and a high level of human input to ensure that the vines achieve their potential.

  • The vineyard is 5.5 ha which includes 7 terraces that are planted entirely with Pinot Noir. The trellis system is Single Guyot Spur Pruned.

    Pinot Gris
    3,950 vines/ha
    Clones - Sel Ovaille, 2/15, Barrie, Lincoln Berry Smith
    Rootstock - 101.14 and 3309

    Pinot Noir
    5,000 vines/ha
    Clones - UCD5, DRC Abel, 667, 115
    Rootstock - 101.14 and 3309

    3,950 vines/ha
    Clone - B95 (A Dijon Clone from Burgundy)
    Rootstock - 101.14