The Q vineyard was one of the first to be developed in North Otago. Planted in 2005, it lies on the southern bank of the Waitaki River near Otiake, on a substrate of fractured limestone marl with overlay of alluvial silts.

To make the most of our location, our vines are densely planted, so that each vine only has to bear a small amount of fruit. Having such low yields produces exceptional wines with great concentration.

We focus on traditional techniques and hand harvest all of our grapes allowing each bottle to emulate the essence of the vineyard. 

We have 6 hectares planted, in three grape varieties. Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay.

  • Four clones of Pinot Gris planted on two rootstocks – Sel Ovaille, 2/15, Barrie and Lincoln Berry Smith.

  • For Pinot Noir, we’ve created blending opportunities for our winemaker by planting five clones on two rootstocks – UCD5, DRC Abel, 667 and 115.

  • The Chardonnay planted is B95, a traditional Dijon clone.